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Creating Kid Go Bags

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Creating "Go Bags" for kids is quick and easy. It will give you peace of mind knowing you already have the basics packed up in case of an emergency evacuation situation and it takes the emotional piece out of it when you plan ahead. If you would like to see how I packed family go backs check out my previous blog post.

Kid's go bags are slightly different in that they are more for comfort items. They should be light enough that they can carry the bags by themselves if needed. I used old backpacks that are

pre-school sized, so they are smaller than your average backpack. If you do not have an old school bag you could ask a friend of neighbor if they have any they plan to donate. My neighborhood has a ton of families that are always getting rid of out grown items. Goodwill is another place to check.

What Goes In a Kid's Go Bag?

I kept my kid's bags simple because I also have a family go bag packed with food, clothing and emergency items. You can pack the bags how ever you want based on your child. Consider the seasons, their clothing size and personal preferences. You should change out go bags at least once a year.

Here is what's in my bag.

  1. a change of clothes, underwear, socks, pants, shirt (I keep other clothes in the family bag)

  2. blanket (the blanket in the photo has a hood and mittens attached to look like a puppy)

  3. hat (rain and sun protection)

  4. small entertainment items (doll, match box car, book, note pad and crayons)

  5. baby wipes

  6. key chain flash light attached

  7. Emergency contact numbers

Other ideas:

snack bag (juice box, granola bar, or crackers)


glow stick

face mask or bandana

empty reusable water bottle

After your have the bags packed find a location to store them like a coat closet near an exit. You want to be able to grab and go. Make sure everyone in the house knows where to find them in the event of an emergency. You also want to update your bags at least yearly. I like to update mine in the spring because that's when the pandemic hit and it is an easy time to remember emergency preparedness. Another time is to update them is day light savings times. You can use that time to check fire alarm batteries and update go bags.

It is my hope that no one ever has to use a go bag but for all the momma bears out there like myself you will find it brings a sense of security knowing your family will be ready for the unexpected.

© The Home Sanctuary 2021

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