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DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe

This DIY sugar scrub will gently exfoliate and make your skin feel soft at the same time. It's made with 2 main ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. You can customize it anyway you like and it makes a cute gift. Plus, since it's homemade you know exactly what is in it. No toxic chemicals, only natural goodness.

I love using this after I've been in the garden and my hands are dirty and feel dry. I wet my hands, take a table spoon of sugar scrub and work it into my hands for about 20 seconds. It softens my hands right up. I follow up with my favorite hand lotion. In this recipe I decided to make lemon sugar scrub. I added a touch of lemon juice and dehydrated citrus peel to add some extra exfoliation because I had it on hand but it's not necessary. You can also change up the scent to anything you like by adding your favorite essential oil, or just use the 2 basic ingredients and keep it simple. I like Revive Essential Oils because of their high quality but affordable prices. You can get a discount if you use this link to make a purchase.

2/3 cup sugar

1/4 cup fractionated coconut oil (the kind that stays liquid at room temperature)

5 drops lemon essential oil

*optional-teaspoon lemon juice

*optional dehydrated citrus peel

Pour sugar in a glass bowl. Mix the essential oil with the coconut oil. Pour the oils into the sugar and mix well.

Sugar Scrub Recipe
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