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Green Farm


Hi, I'm Erin. Join me in the journey of creating our home sanctuaries by growing our own food and medicine, cooking from scratch, learning to live a healthier lifestyle and walking by faith.

Growing up my family owned a large greenhouse business. They grew every type of house plants, poinsettias, Easter Lilies and Hyacinths. With the greenhouse as my backyard, it was quite normal to spend our summer days playing in compost piles, running up and down the aisles of flower beds or even swinging from the greenhouse metal beams. I'm amazed no one got seriously hurt as we played along side a backhoe and adults shoveling freshly mixed potting soil to be cooked. I can still smell the scent of freshly steamed potting soil in the air. 

My grandfather would grow a massive garden at his house `and I remember walking through, picking beans and shelling peas with my grandmother in the shade of the summer sun. I was always barefoot and always dirty.  As I got older they still had a garden but it was much smaller and more of a hobby than for food production. 

Both of my grandparents grew up during the great depression and as a result of that adversity, they learned what today we would refer to as survival skills.  Back then growing your own food, preserving it, using homemade remedies and cooking from scratch was common practice. These skills seemed to have skipped a generation or taken a back seat to modern day convenience, but now many people are getting back to their roots and relearning these traditional skill sets.

A Health Journey

A couple years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that effects the thyroid. This started me down a path to live a more natural lifestyle. I started a backyard garden and began removing chemicals from my house in place of natural alternatives. What I discovered is that these products are easy to make, use only a few simple ingredients and are a much healthier alternative. I was continually reminded of my grandmother and the healthy habits she lived by. Many of her habits used to be considered an old wives tale has been proven as effective health remedies today. The old adage goes, "Grandma was right." 

What Was Old Is New Again

So many days I wished my grandparents were around so I could ask them questions about how to do the skills they knew so well. I wanted to learn and preserve these traditional skills and turn my home into a sanctuary that was thriving with abundant life. All of these events led me to where we are today. We moved out of our house in the suburbs to the country so we can pursue this lifestyle on a larger scale. There is a satisfaction that comes when you put your hand to the work and see the fruits of your labor, gratification in growing your own food and a building resiliency into your household. 

If you have found yourself wanting to grow food, learn about the healing power of plants, cook from scratch or start a garden for the joy it brings then you have come to the right place. 

Let's grow together in the journey of creating our home sanctuaries. 

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